Maa Bharti PG college Kota, has been in the Field of Education Since in the year 1998. This institution has entered in the higher Education with a Vision of Quality Education to Produce Splendid Specimen of Humanity to serve the Nation. The mission of the College of Education is to help prepare outstanding educators, and researchers, and to advance the profession of education, as broadly defined, through research on the science and art of teaching and learning, the effective uses of technology, and the analysis and development of leadership and
educational policy. Values are the part and parcel of the philosophy of the nation and its educational system.

Values-based Education is an approach to teach universal values like moral values, patience, honesty, etc, to the students. It creates a strong learning environment that enhances academic attainment, and develops students' social and relationship skills that last throughout their lives. The purpose of value education is the development of the personality of the student. Valuebased education aims at training the students to face the outer world with the right attitude. It is essential to develop an individual and help her lifelong in many ways. It is a process of overall personality development of a student which includes Character development, Personality development, Citizenship development and Spiritual development.

The institution is spearheading with a spirit of educational inclusion of the marginal strata of the society. A certain percentage of seats in different classes are fixed for the students from these sections to provide them a fair chance to compete with other students in their career. They get admission on merit basis and study with other students in equitable study environment. This mechanism helps in providing opportunities to students who are otherwise deprived of this basic right because of their disadvantageous socio-economic conditions. The college teachers and administration ensure that they study in comfortable environment with equal participation with other students and all learn to live in amity with a spirit of inclusive growth. The socio-economic differences of students evaporate in harmonious and mutually supportive work culture of the college.

Apart from academic excellence, the college also pays sincere attention to the physical, moral and cultural development of students. Students have shown outstanding performance in sports tournaments and Championships. College also actively encourages the organization of moral and cultural events such as observance of Swami Vivekanand jayanti, Independence Day, Republic Day etc. Our staff members are our family.

The institution has initiated several measures in gender equity and sensitization in curricular. Our institute is not merely 'workplaces' where faculty and non teaching staff are employed but are space where students come to learn and be trained for their professional careers and to realize their full potential as individuals. The need to create a safe haven, where there is no space for gender disparity, is the need of hour.

In the academic year of 2017.the Women's development cell of Maa Bharti P.G. College aims to plan activities that will create a safe and healthy atmosphere. This cell deals with the gender related issues, work place behavior, and social media for students and staff members. Women Development Cell conducts a series of talks on a various issues related with gender sensitization.

We strongly support to gender equality. College uniforms are quite useful in creating a sense of equality among students. Wearing college uniforms enhances college pride and community spirit. Uniforms promote college spirit because they provide students with a sense of unity. This unity brings a bond that allows students to feel closer and more connected.

The institution claims distinctiveness in terms of Social Outreach programme. Social awareness rallies on various issues such as blood donation, Health checkups, gender sensitization, Anti ragging, drug abuse, cleanliness and traffic rules awareness manifest the intent of the institution in terms of social transformation. The vision has always been to contribute to the welfare of society at large and materialize the far-reaching outcome of education.

Best Practice Topic - 1

(Emotional intelligence Awareness program)


After the program of emotional intelligence the participants will have
● Gained an insight into emotional intelligence what it is and how you can use it.
● Developed self awareness and self management of personal emotions.
● Explored ways to advance personal emotional intelligence.
● Recognized emotional in others, responding to those emotions in order to inspire high performance
● Understand the consequences of behavior & weigh decisions before own.

Content :- Everyone knows that high IQ is no guarantee of success happiness or virtue but until emotional intelligence we could only guess why Daniel Goleman’s brilliant report from the starting new insight into our two minds the rational and the emotional and how they together shapes our destiny.

Every month Maa Bharti P.G college conduct emotional intelligence training classes .Emotional intelligence programmes gives useful insight into how emotion shapes our behavior and how can use this to inspire high performance Emotional Intelligence programme is perfect for individuals ,who want to understand more about how emotions impact on people and how we choose the impact of our behaviour.Emotional intelligence training is ideal as part of a leadership developed program and can be tailored to meet students specific goal .

Practice :- Training of intelligence was given to our students during C.C.A period , the latest thinking on intelligence and EQ will be shared with the student and emotional intelligence program conduct on following points which are :-
● Accept criticism and responsibility
● Move on after making a mistake
● To say no when you need to
● To share your feelings with others
● To solve problems in ways that work for everyone
● Empathy for other people
● Develop great listening skills

Evidence of success :- Many students take interest in this program. It has positive impact on many aspects of students’ daily life. It not only developed self awareness and self management of personal emotions but also academic achievements.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required :-
Participation of students in this program or events makes them miss their study time.

Best Practice Topic - 2

Tile of the best practice :- Providing coaching classes for students and Pupil teachers


Our college conducts coaching classes namely TET, CTET , 2 nd grade school teacher and competitive examination for students -
• To improve the learning Skills of students
• To shape behavior and conduct
• To determine eligibility for the post of TGT and 2 nd grade school teacher
• To achieve entry in service of government
• To ensure them to crack the exam in easier manner

CONTEXT :- Our College has provided an opportunity to learn TET, CTET for the post of 2 nd grade teacher. Orientation program has been organized in order to motivate them to clear TET & CTET. It motivates them to apply for the post like TGT & 2 nd grade teachers in various schools. A formal training or coaching has given to the student to crack the examinations.

THE PRACTICE :- Special training was given to our students during 01:00pm-02:00pm.Previous year question paper also discussed in the training session.
EVIDENCE OF SUCCESS :- Every year more number of students re applying for the examinations without fear.
PROBLEM ENCOUNTERED AND RESOURCES REQUIRED :- Students don’t get ample time for the preparation.



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