Introduction of Program:

Being a launching platform for higher professional studies, Kota city is a well-known educational hub of the Country having both positive & negative aspects. Students with fair good potential especially in science wing generally opt for professional colleges. General student clientage of the Institute comprises of students needing special attention towards building their mental health.

The Mental Health Awareness Program at our college is a comprehensive initiative designed to foster a supportive environment for students and faculty. Recognizing the crucial importance of mental well-being, the program integrates various activities aimed at promoting awareness, understanding, and proactive engagement with mental health topics.

Objectives of the Practice:-
  • Raise Awareness:
  • Provide Psychological Support:
  • Promote Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence
  • Offer Classes for Mental Relaxation & Meditation:

Designing and implementing the Mental Health Awareness Program in a college needs addressing several contextual features and challenging issues. Firstly, breaking down societal stigmas surrounding mental health was crucial and required to encourage students and faculty to seek help without fear of judgment. Additionally, tailoring psychological support services to the college environment ensured accessibility and relevance.


The Mental Health Awareness Program at our college stands as a beacon of innovation in the landscape of Indian higher education. With a multifaceted approach, it aims to address the unique challenges and constraints surrounding mental health in educational institutions.

  • Generating a healthy & conducive environment for one to one interaction among students & faculty.
  • Organizing series of sessions with motivational speakers and faculty’s for positive living & high thinking and other current issues for improving mental health
  • Organizing series of Yoga camps
  • Organizing open sessions

The evidence of success for the Mental Health Awareness Program at Maa Bharti P.G College is robust, as demonstrated by performance against targets and benchmarks, as well as reviews and results gathered from various sources.

Firstly, the program has successfully raised awareness about mental health issues among students and faculty, as evidenced by increased attendance at awareness workshops and events. The utilization of psychological tests has facilitated early intervention, with a notable increase in the identification and support of students facing mental health challenges.

Academically, the program has contributed to enhanced performance, as students with improved mental well-being are better equipped to focus on their studies and engage effectively in academic activities.

  • Shyness Among Students:
  • Myths and Misconceptions:
  • Resource Constraints:
  • Accessibility Issues:
  • Resistance to Change:
Resources Required:
  • Funding:
  • Trained Personnel:
  • Infrastructure:
  • Educational Materials:
  • Collaboration Opportunities:
Benefits of Program:
  • Improved Mental Well-being:
  • Reduced Stigma:
  • Early Intervention:
  • Enhanced Academic Performance:
  • Life Skills Development:

In conclusion, our Mental Health Awareness Program is a vital component of our commitment to the well-being of our college community. By fostering awareness, providing support, and integrating various activities, the program strives to create an environment where mental health is prioritized, contributing to a healthier, more resilient, and successful academic community.

Best Practices of MBPG College: Blood Donation Camp

Title: "Safe Blood for All: MBPG College's Commitment to Humanity"


India has one of the world’s youngest populations in an aging world. The youth constitute 22% of India’s population. But, India accounts for one-fifth of the deaths worldwide especially in younger population due to cardiovascular disease (WHO Report). Donating blood reduces the risk of heart diseases. So, an effort is made to educate and motivate the students to donate blood from time to time.

Educating and motivating the students assumes significance due to the following challenges:

  • Less awareness among students of the importance of blood donation.
  • Addressing the myth in students that donating blood reduces the quantity of blood in their body.
  • Addressing the inhibitions that women are not eligible to donate blood.
  • Parents’ ignorance and inhibition towards donation of blood by their wards.
  • The fear of parents that the students may fall sick after blood donation.
  • Underweight and malnourished students.

MBPG College, with its dedicated society named "APNA BLOOD BANK," takes great pride in promoting the cause of blood donation through its Blood Donation drives. This initiative involves the joint efforts of faculty members, non-teaching staff, students, and N.S.S. volunteers, all with the goal of ensuring safe blood for all.


The objectives of this noble practice are multi-fold:

  • To sensitize students about need for donating blood to the needy.
  • To remove the inhibitions of blood donation by women.
  • To create awareness about benefits of blood donation.
  • To motivate the students to donate at least once in a year.
  • To facilitate knowledge to students about blood groups and blood donation.
  • To raise local awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products for transfusion.
  • To promote unpaid blood donors to contribute to national health.

The Context:

College is one of the prominent sources of young & healthy Blood, which can fulfill the both immediate & storing blood requirements of the town. Under the leadership of Mr. Bhuvnesh Gupta, a prominent blood donation promoter in the society, Institute promptly responds to any blood donation requirements of the society. Special blood donation camps are generally organized under expertise of subject experts both at indoor & outdoor.

MBPG College, in collaboration with the AAPNA BLOOD BANK motivate Students from our college voluntarily donated blood, and they were duly recognized with certificates from the AAPNA BLOOD BANK. This initiative aimed to involve everyone associated with the college in promoting blood donation, contributing to a healthy atmosphere and ultimately saving lives.

The Practice:

To face the unforeseen situations, blood donation is a unique practice to be followed by any higher education to motivate the youth to save lives of those in need of blood.

The uniqueness of this college lies in the fact that, though majority of the students belong to the weaker sections of the society they are willing to participate voluntarily in the blood donation camps.

Our college participated blood donation camps in collaboration with hospitals and donor agencies regularly camps are held with the collaboration of AAPNA BLOOD BANK.

All stakeholders, inclusive of students & faculty of MBPG College, are committed to the vision of blood donation for saving lives. While blood donation is voluntary in the higher education department, some students remain unaware or unable to donate due to age, weight, or health limitations.

Best Practice Topic - 1

(Emotional intelligence Awareness program)


After the program of emotional intelligence the participants will have
● Gained an insight into emotional intelligence what it is and how you can use it.
● Developed self awareness and self management of personal emotions.
● Explored ways to advance personal emotional intelligence.
● Recognized emotional in others, responding to those emotions in order to inspire high performance
● Understand the consequences of behavior & weigh decisions before own.

Content :- Everyone knows that high IQ is no guarantee of success happiness or virtue but until emotional intelligence we could only guess why Daniel Goleman’s brilliant report from the starting new insight into our two minds the rational and the emotional and how they together shapes our destiny.

Every month Maa Bharti P.G college conduct emotional intelligence training classes .Emotional intelligence programmes gives useful insight into how emotion shapes our behavior and how can use this to inspire high performance Emotional Intelligence programme is perfect for individuals ,who want to understand more about how emotions impact on people and how we choose the impact of our behaviour.Emotional intelligence training is ideal as part of a leadership developed program and can be tailored to meet students specific goal .

Practice :- Training of intelligence was given to our students during C.C.A period , the latest thinking on intelligence and EQ will be shared with the student and emotional intelligence program conduct on following points which are :-
● Accept criticism and responsibility
● Move on after making a mistake
● To say no when you need to
● To share your feelings with others
● To solve problems in ways that work for everyone
● Empathy for other people
● Develop great listening skills

Evidence of success :- Many students take interest in this program. It has positive impact on many aspects of students’ daily life. It not only developed self awareness and self management of personal emotions but also academic achievements.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required :-
Participation of students in this program or events makes them miss their study time.

Best Practice Topic - 2

Tile of the best practice :- Providing coaching classes for students and Pupil teachers


Our college conducts coaching classes namely TET, CTET , 2 nd grade school teacher and competitive examination for students -
• To improve the learning Skills of students
• To shape behavior and conduct
• To determine eligibility for the post of TGT and 2 nd grade school teacher
• To achieve entry in service of government
• To ensure them to crack the exam in easier manner

CONTEXT :- Our College has provided an opportunity to learn TET, CTET for the post of 2 nd grade teacher. Orientation program has been organized in order to motivate them to clear TET & CTET. It motivates them to apply for the post like TGT & 2 nd grade teachers in various schools. A formal training or coaching has given to the student to crack the examinations.

THE PRACTICE :- Special training was given to our students during 01:00pm-02:00pm.Previous year question paper also discussed in the training session.
EVIDENCE OF SUCCESS :- Every year more number of students re applying for the examinations without fear.
PROBLEM ENCOUNTERED AND RESOURCES REQUIRED :- Students don’t get ample time for the preparation.



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