SVEEP cell / Electoral Literacy Club

Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) Programme are undertaken to educate the students regarding procedure relating to registration of name in Electoral Roll, correct of their existing particulars in Electoral Roll and deletion of name of shifted and deceased family members.

SVEEP activities are also meant to inform about various online, offline facilities available to voters regarding ethical voting like how to cast vote, how to help the election machinery to prevent corrupt practices during election etc.

For awareness of general voters, following activities are conducted in the college:

  • Running Outdoor Media Campaign by way of displaying voter awareness messages.
  • Display of Voter’s awareness Banners.
  • Organizing Nukkad Natak, Plays, Discussion, Debate, etc. to make students aware about Electoral process and their voting rights.
  • Voter’s awareness campaign by poster, slogan, rangoli etc.

SVEEP Cell/Electoral Literacy Club Members are:

Member Name
1. Mr. Yatish Arya
2. Dr. Achal Arvind
3. Dr. Neeru Chaudhary
4. Dr. Rakesh Rajora
5. Dr. Aarti Sharma
6. Mr. Hemant Meghwal



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